Feelin like shit

"Travel. As much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Life’s not meant to be lived in one place."
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罪人 + 情人

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"what episode are you on"
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autumn afternoons are my favourite, the sky and the shadows are so pretty
"Nothing kills you like your mind"
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Current mood.
(Where: “bang on this mug all day” = “wallow around Tumblr and reblog many many New Girl GIFs, ideally while eating cupcakes”)
Ahaha, how much do I love that there’s an actual tracked tag for “i just wanna bang on this mug all day”

“I’m attracted to the extreme light and the extreme dark. I’m interested in the human condition and what makes people tick. I’m interested in the things people try to hide.” - Johnny Depp